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Hello! I am Mahadi BZ. I just got my TOT and have an incredible feeling to help others. I have been talking to my mentor, Dr Lawrence Walter Ng to design a really special sales training seminars to tap into my unique and fast method on how I became a TOT. Now, we are ready!

A special feature of the professional sales training courses in Malaysia is that my mentor, the famed Dr Lawrence Walter Ng will be personally helping me to customise and design the training to make it the most impactful seminar ever as I really want to help people to become TOT, if not COT, at least an MDRT!

Some of the incredible modules include:

  • A special MBZ-TOT Sales kit:

    A unique sales kit that I discovered when I was achieving my COT. When I tried it a few more times, I reach my TOT so easily and I too was surprised. You will learned to use my advanced sales kit. You will also get this MBZ-TOT coloured sales kit. With this, you only need to follow the multiple and flexible steps to close the sales.

  • A TOT Mindset shift:

    Doing MDRT is one thing. Doing COT is another. To do TOT, I discovered I had to totally changed my mindset towards achieving this seemingly impossible goal. To make it possible, I had to go beyond goal setting; beyond targeting, beyond my own limitations. I had to find my greater purpose. Otherwise too many people got stuck at trying to be MDRT or COT and never could go higher. TOT requires a new mindset just like a driver of an ordinary 100 horsepower car and now he wants to drive a Fl car whose power is close to 1000 horsepower. Do you have the mindset to drive a Fl car? Perhaps if you don’t change that mindset, you may end up crashing that Fl. I want to show you how to drive a TOT Fl car!

  • TOT Timeline Strategy:

    Work like every month is a December month! But how? It is February or only march. That’s what I also felt until I discovered timeline strategy. Find out how to be motivated every day in a special way to reach for your TOT.

  • QuantumLevel of Acceptance:

    Dare to believe that the right customers are willing to invest RM$200,000.00 fyp/fyc or more. Yes! There are so many people out there willingly and interested to insure themselves in a creative manner. I didn’t believe it at first but when I used a more creative approach, it was what my customers wanted all along. I want you to learn this wisdom quickly.

  • LWS-MSP Master Closing:

    How to get customers to happily pay annual premium and not monthly. I don’t even have one customer that pays by monthly premium. I use any of the 3 famous LWS-IvISP master closing techniques and scripts. You will learn these super-scripts at this seminar.

  • Five incredible mini-cases study:

    That will provide amazing learning experiences and real-life application to the knowledge that you will learned. This will greatly help you to immediately see the great opportunities that already exist within your current or future network.

  • The Essence of the Master Sales Professional System developed by my mentor, Dr Lawrence Walter Ng, that I learned for the last 5 years and passionately use it on a daily basis. After those sales, I can accurately diagnose why I close the case or why I did not. After which I got better and better. The BEST sales strategy that is now part of my selling DNA. You will get to experience what I experience.

  • To make sure that you are guided, we have come out with Eight monthly personal group coaching sessions (3hours) after the training worth RM1$600.00 each. For the first SO registrations, we are offering you complimentary sessions. Not one but 2 sessions! Just pay for the lunch at a hotel venue. This is strictly for the first 50 registrations to honor your commitment to be a TOT.