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Certified Master Trainer Accelerated Program 2019

Learning Outcomes

Train-The-Trainer (TTT) Accelerated Training Program

Train-the- Trainer (TTT) AcceleratedTraining Program designed to accelerate your success to be a Master Trainer/Leader with the special ability to Build Your Training & Public Speaking Potential.
But,first the change must begin with you. Therefore,expect personal transformation because of close guidance from Dato’ Dr Lawrence Walter Ng personally.

That’s why this training is different.

What if you could influence better and convince more strategically? Would your results improve? This training is the solution and has been attended by many successful trainers and leaders.

Invest 3 days and 3 months with International Chief Master Trainer,Dato’ Dr Lawrence Walter Ng to learn:

  • The 7 levels of Master Training
  • The Psychology of Mastering NLP Communication
  • The Secret Art of Influencing, the Unique Skills of
    the Master Trainer
  • The untold secrets of Masterful Training using NLP,
    Accelerated Learning, Co-operative Learning and

Learning Outcomes

  • How to create a training / learning environment using suggestopedia
    and impactful stimulations.
  • Master the language of a successful Master Trainer
  • How to influence people in your training.
  • Techniques to improve the power of your voice.
  • Understanding the whole brain learning technology to achieve maximum
  • Understanding the mind of your audience.
  • Establish the Delivery vs Content mindset.
  • Using powerful communication skills to enhance the effectiveness of your
  • Be an Impactful Presenter and Master Trainer.
3 Days Impactful Course Contents

With this powerful treasure of guide knowledge, participants will deliver impactful Presentation Skills, Learn Creative & Interactive Technology and become a highly engaging Master Trainer.

  • 3 synergistic training strategies of NLP,AOL & mindset games.
    You will learn 10 powerful life changing games

  • Techniques to energize and emotionally move your audience

90 Days Internship
  • Practise with creative role plays to master the art of influencing / facilitation of transformation.
  • How to be the professional master trainer in action.

What our Graduates would like to share with you

“Through TTT by Dato’ Dr Lawrence, I have great confidence to speak dynamically to thousands.
And the participants love my training. Wow! What a wonderful way to share my success with

~MahadiBZ, 1st TOT (Top of The Table) in CWA-AIA malaysia, for 2012 and 2015

” Dato’ Dr Lawrence Walter’s TTT transform me from a shy person to a dynamic trainer on stage.
I can inspire people and create so much interactive fun and learning in all my classes. I couldn’t
believe myself but it is true! You can change your life with TTT”

~ ~ Dr Bochi/ Siti Zainab Mohd Zaini , Elite Group of Companies

“This TTT programme has positively transformed mindset, performance and grant us the energy
in moving forward. Thank you Dato’ Dr Lawrence and his team.”

~ Dr Zainal Abu Zarim, VP, Learning & Development Division, Telekom Malaysia Berhad

About The Company – Lawrence Walter Seminars

For over 28 years, Dr Lawrence Walter Ng and his team of Master Trainers & supportive ‘angels’ has brought his action-packed, high energy training seminars to over 500 companies in 10 countries around the Asia Pacific region.
Now you can experienced why he is one of Asia’s top speakers & Master Trainer. You too can invite him to your company or country and allow your people to discover their hidden potential. he will give you the KEY to success that will unlock the POWER inside you. We also invite you to view his Books, listen to the interesting Audio and watch the awards-winning Videos in our unique website.

Trainer Info


  • President of AOL, IILWL, LWMTA, AMSPA
  • Founder of Lawrence Walter Seminars
  • Popular speaker at National and International Convention
  • Over 28 years of training and consulting experience
  • One of Asia’s Top Speakers and Master Trainers
  • Train Fortune 500 companies in 10 countries
  • Spoken over 1,000,000 participants
  • Winner of JCI World Award in Commercial Education
  • Author of Passion of Extraordinary Performance, The Art of Learning, The Mental Warrior
  • Specialized knowledge in Active Audience Participation Learning Technology (AAPLT)
  • In Depth understand of the Art of Accelerated Learning to enhance memory
  • Intense Research on linking knowledge to the targeted human experience
  • Highly Acute Ability to sense and Transform Behavioral Patterns
  • Lead Designer of Strategic and Creative Games to evoke old habits and replace with new mindsets and patterns
  • Specialist with extensive experience in Total Transformation Learning (TTL), combinign 3 levels of learning from the mind, psychology and emotion

Dr Lawrence Walter Ng has been described as a dynamic and inspiring motivational speakers. Through his creative presentation and humor, his audience have not only benefited tremendously from his teaching but also thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thus, making learning interesting and effective. The impact of his lively training and concepts have generated greater energy and direction towards the challenge of excellence. Organisations and individuals have improved their performances with his training.

Dr Lawrence Walter Ng has over 28 years experience in training and developing people. He was an advertising, marketing and creative consultant and began his focus on training in 1986. Since then, he has personally spoken to more than 1,000,000 participants.

His unique methods of training and ideas are designed to take participants on an exciting journey of learning excellence. He has also produced an Innovative Self learning package on Corporate Excellence and Personal Self Improvement.

Dr Lawrence Walter Ng also founded the concept of the Mental Warrior, an advanced workshop on Brain Power Motivation and Psychology of Success. Through his research and experience, he discovered certain patterns of excellence that produce effective results through the understanding of both positive and negative thoughts.

Dr Lawrence Walter Ng is one of Asia’s top speakers and Chief Master Trainers.

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