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LWS Live on FB gamering more than 19k views

LWS Live on FB gamering more than 19k views

LWS Virtual Training, Coaching & Professional Certification Programme

Other Virtual Training Available

  • Online Sales Training – “Virtual Selling & Closing Techniques”
      • ○ Drive virtual and sales productivity for new customers. Increase sales within first month post MCO
      • ○ Turn your sales team into hungry and aggressive mindset. Energize them to the new norm
      • ○ Online sales training with techniques to overcome objections
      • ○ This online sales training courses is designed for participants to learn virtual selling and closing techniques
      • ○ Use this opportunity to energize the team to the new norm

    • Online Leadership Training – Super Virtual Leadership & Victory Together
        • ○ Manage, motivate and monitor your team for extraordinary results
        • ○ Virtual Leadership. High energy online training. Highly interactive
        • ○ This leadership training program utilizes 3 leadership strategies to lead the team using the online platform

        • Yellow Frog for Viral Branding & Mega Marketing
          • ○ Dare to transform from offline to online mindset
          • ○ How to Attract New & Existing Customers using Yellow Frog and Mega Marketing strategies
          • ○ How to monetize your social media posts using Yellow Frog techniques
          • ○ Understand the Online Butterfly concept to succeed in online platform

          • High Performance & Virtual Productivity
            • ○ New Bouncing Back Mindset towards Team Productivity
            • ○ How to Move the Team through the Phases of Change
            • ○ Online meeting strategies to keep the messages clear & actionable

            • Powerful Virtual Communication Influencing & Inspiring Techniques
              • ○ Online team communication tools
              • ○ Convince, influence and inspire the team

              • Impactful & Creative Virtual Meetings & Discussions
                • ○ Power of Action Tools to Achieve Quick Wins
                • ○ Inspiring techniques and strategies for Creative Virtual Meetings