Inspiring Post Training

Suggested Daily Action Plans to Sustain Learning Momentum

1. Read the training notes twice a week.

2. Copy 5 of your favorite posters from the training and paste on your work table/locker.

3. Use positive / encouraging phrases like “I Support You”, “I Know You Can Be Better”, “Today is a Grrrrrreat Day!”, “Challenge” at the end of the email / sms when communicate with your colleagues.

4. Greet at least 3 people with positive words everyday.

5. Get at least 2 “WOWs” from your colleagues / customers everyday to improve your performance day by day.

6. Review your work performance every weekend to see where you improve and do better.

7. Acknowledge Top Performer every month and say something nice to them.

8. Help at least a person a week become successful and you will become successful by sharing knowledge, by bringing out the best in them.

9. Say Thank You with your heart. The next time you see your colleagues / customers, thank them and appreciate them because people loved to be appreciated. In fact, say thank you many times in a day and you too will feel appreciated.

10. Protect your inner world. Be a Mental Warrior because your mind and body is connected, change your mind, your body will follow. Change the way your body looks, your mind will follow. Use the word “CHALLENGE” when facing interesting situation.

11. Remind each other on passion focus launched and make sure that all the team members are on track for Be Motivated Forever.