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Secrets of the Mental Warrior 2.0


RM98.00 RM39.90

Pre-launch RM 39.90 (For the first 50 books only)

Complimentary 30-45 mins of online private 1-to-1 coaching with Ze Ann (For the first 50 books only)

(can be gifted to your team member, daughter or a friend who needs to hear a different perspective)



The republishing of this poster book brings together knowledge derived from more than 35 years of cumulative training experience and research. Aside from being designed to make one stop and think, it is also uniquely written to help one inspire, mentor and lead one’s team members through challenging times.

RM60.00 RM30.00
  • Secrets of the Mental Warrior 2.0 RM98.00 RM39.90
  • Super Online Community (Monthly) RM60.00 RM30.00
  • Super Online Community (Yearly) RM360.00 RM295.00
  • Every 10 Years Your Life will Change RM120.00 RM85.00
  • 激情迈向超凡出众 (PEP In Mandarin Version) RM120.00 RM85.00
  • My Daily Passion Inspiration RM120.00 RM60.00
  • Be Motivated Forever RM120.00 RM85.00
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