Master Trainers

Ze Ann Walter Ng


  • Certified Master Trainer of LAWRENCE WALTER SEMINARS
  • Co-author of Secrets of the Mental Warrior 2.0
  • Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) from RMIT University, Melbourne
  • Master of Arts (Psychology) from Warnborough College, UK

ZEANNWALTERNG is a skilled communicator who is naturally gifted with high Emotional Intelligence. Armed with her degree in Professional Communication, she has mentored and encouraged countless women through her inspiring coaching.

Having worked at L’Oreal and Fonterra prior to driving Lawrence Walter Seminars’ business, she brings with her a wealth of experience in the areas of creative marketing, team-coaching and sales management.

Mentoring young women in the fields of Leadership, Communication & Personal Branding is her specialty, and her #1 passion is to help women unlock and maximise their potential to boldly make the leap into their next frontier in life.

She believes that through the right mentoring systems, women can be effective and efficient leaders in the workplace, whilst continuing to excel as a wife, mother and daughter in their personal lives.

Ze Ann is also intellectually curious and currently pursuing her Doctorate of Arts in Psychology with Warnborough College, UK. Her areas of academic interest are #socialmedia and #mentalhealth. Her vision is to increase happiness in social media.

Married with 2 beautiful daughters, ZEANNWALTERNG aspires to inspire women – particularly the young and talented – to confidently find success at the workplace and at home.

Interesting training titles:
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How to Communicate #Authentically on Instagram
Secrets of the Mental Warrior 2.0

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