Inspiring Seminars

Most Popular Convention Topics

The Challenge of Excellence

When business environment is getting tougher, it is the team that looks at it as a Challenge and positively seeks opportunities to do well. This highly energetic presentation will turn the spirit around and create tremendous energy and mindsets to excel.

The Sales Conqueror

An incredible interactive training that focuses on overcoming fears and adopting the aggressive attitude and action of a Conqueror. Selling is about conquering the market place with the goal of being the leader. Therefore, everyone needs to conquer their sales target to be the Sales Conqueror.

Passion for Extraordinary Performance

Passion! The magic word of successful people. Passion come from the heart and thus each participant will feel a super emotional excitement to experience breakthrough performance. With passion, everything is possible.

I Start First

We wait and expect great things to happen to us, What if we become intense on pro-activeness, develop initiative and a self-starter attitude so that things are quickly solved. Strategic thinking and creative mindset is one of the key topics.

The Quantum Growth Leadership

What are the differences between great leaders and ordinary leaders? In this highly sought after training, leaders will experience the REAM factor in being an inspiring leader that promotes Quantum Growth. When transformation and acceleration happens to an organisation, the team suddenly become lost & confused. It is in these moments, that special skills in leadership are needed to dynamically align the heart & mind of the people in the organisation.

The Mental Warrior

How to be Mentally Tough and be focused on over-achieving targets. It is not about just staying positive but fighting accidental negative influences and negative thoughts. You will feel a fantastic surge of energy to win all the battles to ensure victory!