Inspiring Methodology

LWS Unique Training Methodology

Our Unique, Interactive Methodology

You can feel the difference because of our unique training methodology developed by Dr Lawrence Walter Ng.

His training uses the popular participating system of the Art Of Learning, the lively concept of Accelerated Learning, USA and the precise science of human behaviour called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to make the training exciting, fast paced, FUN and interesting for you.

Get ready to experience Innovative Thinking Games (ITG) which will be presented impactfully to enable participants fully understand what is taught because it involves multi-neuro senses learning and multi-intelligence format.

The seminar is not based on a lecture format, rather on active participation and the Co-operative Learning Concept. The Master Trainer becomes a powerful facilitator guiding you to change towards excellence.These Innovative Thinking Games encourage participants to challenge themselves to create New Results.

Specially selected videos and movies are used to create special visual learning experiences. Powerful demonstrations make the whole training, a wonderful and high energy experience.