Inspiring Seminars

Certified Master Sales Professional Programme

Sales Training By Motivational Speakers Seminars

This is a Master Class Certification Program in Selling by LWS

Stage 1: 3 Days

MSP Selling Skills and Mindset

  • Understand the Mind of the Customers
  • Mastering the 7 Steps of MSP
  • The Convincing Power
Stage 2: 2 Days

Breakthrough Skills and Motivation

  • Conquering Fears & Developing High Self-Confidence
  • Art of Influencing
  • Strategies for Prospecting
Stage 3: 2 Days

MSP Transformation

  • Innovative Selling Method
  • Mastering Selling & Commitment
  • Transforming High Performance Sales
Stage 4: 2 Days

Assessment & Certification

  • Examination of Competancy
  • Inspiration for Quantum Growth
  • Graduation & Celebration

In this highly competitive business world, professional sales training> is an important asset to help the business grow. At LWS, we do offer Certified Master Sales Professional Programme to meet the needs of both organizations and sales personnel. We provide a wide range of training programmes, such as MSP Selling Skills and Mindset, Breakthrough Skills and Motivation, MSP Transformation, Assessment and Certification. LWS empowers your sales team with high impact sales training and tactics that are highly relevant to the real world scenarios so that they can fully embrace the daily challenges.

MSP Selling Skills and Mindset is the very first stage of the MSP programme, where participants can gain a better understanding of the customer’s mindset and at the same time, our motivational speakers seminars will implement powerful persuasion techniques that effectively help participants become more convincing. Next, the second stage is designed to boost self-confidence, so as to establish trusted partnership with targeted clients. Also, during this stage, participants will have the opportunity to develop influencing skills and better sales prospecting for future growth as well as minimize the underlying risks. So, it’s time to hone all these skills to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability. The following stage will be MSP Transformation, as motivational speakers will share the innovative selling methods to help sales personnel remain competitive in this dynamic environment. Once they have mastered the fundamental sales methods, they are poised to reap tremendous sales growth. Finally, the last stage of the professional sales training is assessment and certification, which aims to test what participants have learned throughout the training. Upon completion of the 4 stages of MSP training, participants will receive a certificate from LWS. All in all, the 4 stages of our training ensure the sales personnel excel in their daily business operation and also achieve their sales goals.