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Transform Your Life


RM495.00 RM265.00



Which contains eight special items in one for your personal transformation. Continuously use these items and take immediate action from what you have learnt and you will see your life CHANGE. Let’s discover the secrets inside now! The 8 wonderful items are:-

  • My Daily Passion Cards
  • The Art Of Learning Book
  • Passion for extraordinary Performance Book
  • Communicate and Live with Power (Poster Book)
  • The Mental Warrior (Poster Book)
  • Influence & Verbal Kung Fu (CD)
  • Power Living Attitudes of the Mental Warrior (CD)
  • Challenge Yourself to Excellence!
* All Price incl. 6% GST

RM60.00 RM30.00
  • Secrets of the Mental Warrior 2.0 RM98.00 RM39.90
  • Super Online Community (Monthly) RM60.00 RM30.00
  • Super Online Community (Yearly) RM360.00 RM295.00
  • Every 10 Years Your Life will Change RM120.00 RM85.00
  • 激情迈向超凡出众 (PEP In Mandarin Version) RM120.00 RM85.00
  • My Daily Passion Inspiration RM120.00 RM60.00
  • Be Motivated Forever RM120.00 RM85.00
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