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Public Speaking & Power Communication


‘A’ Star Students do not only have a great positive attitude, they also have the powerful ability to convince people whenever they speak.

Their words carry immense influence and they talk with so much conviction that they are able to win the minds and hearts of the listeners, be it their friends, teachers or parents.

With this ability to communicate better, you can become Top Leaders and Wonderful Speakers at your own meetings or gatherings.

This workshop is enjoyable and full of exciting activities that will teach you new, powerful skills to communicate for the rest of your Life.

We invite you to attend this Public Speaking workshop and change your life.


  • Corporate Super Online Community (SOC) Membership RM885.00RM2,950.00
  • Super Online Community - FAVOURITE TOPIC RM8.00
  • A' Star Student Impactful School Holiday Workshop 2024/2025 By Zander Iskander RM799.00RM999.00
  • Personal Strategic Coaching by LWS Master Trainers RM990.00RM2,499.00
  • Certified Train-the-Master Trainer RM1,000.00RM3,000.00
  • Video 5 | Sell by Story Telling RM30.00
  • Video 4 | Attractive Online Presentation RM30.00
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