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Secrets of the Mental Warrior poster book


Original price was: RM198.00.Current price is: RM120.00.

Inclusive of 45 mins of online private 1-to-1 coaching with Ze Ann Walter Ng (For limited time only).

It can also be gifted to another woman who may benefit from hearing a creative perspective.

Coaching topics are customised based on individual needs and may range from mindset change, MSP selling skills, social media branding, creative communication and presentation skills.


Feedback :

“Before this, I did most of the talking, after the sales coaching session, I listened more by asking questions and realised I get to know my clients deeper. I improved a lot in terms of time management. My vibe & energy is now at a different level.”

Madiana Irna Mohd Tang, Unit Manager, VIB Agency (Kenanga Investors Berhad)

“Ze Ann Walter Ng is an inspiring and creative business and team building coach and consultant. Using the Art of Learning, Neurolinguistic Programing and Active Audience Participation, my team not only transformed their mindset positively but also thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Her extraordinary ability to establish rapport and communicate to the heart has tremendously inspired and empowered our team which is predominantly women. Her sharp and liquid mind has never been running out of ideas in brainstorming sessions. Whether you need ideas and guidance to elevate your business to the next level, inspiring leadership, and team building, or organizational transformation, Ze Ann is highly recommended.”

Dr David Low, Co-founder, ME Clinic

“Ze Ann has helped me to speed up my learning through systemised and applicable knowledge to move me up to the next level.”

Shaun Lim, Sales Executive, Auto Bavaria (BMW)

“Ze Ann has equipped me with step-by-step selling skills and most importantly, open up my mind to diplomatically put it across to my clients.”

Vivienne Leo, Business Owner

“It’s a really nice experience, I felt the connection straightaway – like a friend. She really addressed my concerns and cares. It’s been a wonderful journey, I really love it.”

Rosalind Ngu, Enagic Consultant

“I enjoyed our coaching sessions because Ze Ann offers me a different perspective, provides solutions and I feel connected.”

Dennis Khor, Regional Manager (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei), Cargill Malaysia

“After the ‘Winning Mindset’ training, banyak response yang bagus saya terima daripada agents. Mereka feel so excited & bersemangat. It really opens their mind to go online! I also love the flow of the training.”

Pn. Suraya Morshidi, Group Agency Manager, MSV XO Group, CIMB Principal & Sunlife Takaful

“I feel more focused, clearer and connected with my goals.”

Stephanie Yap, Unit Trust & Private Retirement Consultant

“I have more clarity. I now form a new pattern.”

GS Kang, Unit Trust (UT) & Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) Consultant

“Today’s creative session was truly a breath of fresh air. Ze Ann draws out the inner me.”

Adeline Liew, Intimate Wealth & Space Curator

“I’ve learnt so much during the past 6 months and now, I can share this with the team at the right time.”

Kaneeta Boonsiri, AG Nutrition Leader

“Within these 3 months, I am always in an awareness mode & very consistent.”

Nazly Mahyunni Suhof, Islamic Financial Planner

“After 1 month of coaching, I was inspired to take committed daily actions to launch my Blessed Journal, which I had dreamt about for 2-3 years.”

Anne Marie Kim, Journal Author

“Lepas Coaching dengan Ze Ann, saya dapat menyampaikan presentation dengan lebih confident.”

Hairul Aidil, Assistant Manager, Peninsula Precision Stamping

“After the sales coaching, I close my sales by changing my sales steps -let the clients talk more.”

Nurul Jannah Khairuddin, Takaful Advisor

“I am able to relate and apply the ‘X’ factor immediately.”

Khala Velu, Senior Sales Director, Mary Kay

“I used the sales techniques I learned from you & I closed the sale!”

Raja Nadia Sabrina, Thermomix Team Manager

“Ada hikmahnya saya bertemu dengan Ze Ann. Bermula hanya ingin belajar ilmu Podcast akhirnya saya jadikan Podcaster sebagai identiti baru saya selepas bersara dari perkhidmatan awam. Terima kasih Ze Ann yang sentiasa mengajar dan membimbing saya dalam bidang ini.”

Habibah Supoh, Podcaster

“From these sessions, I gained a clear business path.”

Dalina Chew, Personal Discovery Coach

“I gain more clarity by emphasizing the appropriate techniques how to close high net worth clients,”

Suhaile Selamat, Agency Manager

“Saya suka coaching ini kerana saya dapat banyak tips baharu dan boleh apply dengan segera apa yang saya belajar.”

Siti Rosnani, Risda Director

“Saya suka coaching ini kerana Ze Ann memberi perspektif yang berlainan.”

Faridah Haryati, Risda Director



The republishing of this poster book brings together knowledge derived from more than 35 years of cumulative training experience and research. Aside from being designed to make one stop and think, it is also uniquely written to help one inspire, mentor and lead one’s team members through challenging times.

Concise & Impactful Knowledge.

It is only through the power of gaining new knowledge consistently, which will help broaden your mind. Recalibrate your mind through this poster book, comprised of 7 powerful topics – Mental Warrior, Sales, Winning Mindset, Inspiring Communication, Inspiring Leadership, Teaming, Women Power.

This poster book is a unique creation containing a collection of positive affirmations, supportive statements, proven principles, and lingering ideas, written in a purposeful style.

Connect with the co-author, Ze Ann Walter Ng  through this poster book, which is inclusive of 30-45 mins of online private 1-to-1 coaching.

Who should read this book?

1. Are you where you want to be in life or need a different mindset and skills?
2. Are you managing and coaching a team yet always finish your “coaching sessions” without something to summarise to your coachee?
3. Are you feeling lost and need to boost your confidence through new knowledge?

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